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Too many noisy adds!

Hidden Objects

Very entertaining!

5 Stars!!!

I loved it!! Wish it had more levels. Challenging but fun on my 7 plus! Thanks you guys 😊😊😊😊

Fun game

Love the graphics but sometimes I will be playing and it just stops working

Messy Kitchen

This game has potential. But, I admit I’m slow the 30 sec. timer is a hassle I don’t want. Put in a switch to turn it off, then write me. Thanks, Jean

Lots of fun

Can’t stop playing

Awesome Game!!!

I love these games! Very addicting & helps with my cognitive skills! See I have Multiple Sclerosis


I wish you gave the option to magnify the objects

Fun game

Fun game, it would be great if it functioned great. It’s stuck on 1 level won’t move forward.

I enjoy playing this game

I love this game. I have no trouble with it. And it's fun to play in my spare time. One of the best searching games ever.

Don’t waste your time it looks like they have abandoned the devs....

Don’t bother guys. It looks like the game has been abandoned or hasn’t caught up with new iOS versions. Works good on google play but slow at loading. It won’t load on latest iOS. 0 Stars for developers not replying or taking care of their would be potential customers.

Won’t open

Downloaded this game twice, but can’t get past the home screen. Really bummed.

Hidden objects messy kitchen

I cannot get this app to open on my iPhone 6s. Can I find out why?

It won’t load?

I just downloaded the app and it’s not loading? I have wanted for over 3 mins for it to start on my iPad but nothing happens? Pleases help!!!! Thanks


This game simply will not open on my device. I have deleted and reloaded...But nothing.

Game never loads!!

I’m using an iPad Pro with the latest iOS 11 and the game never gets past the loading screen. I’ve deleted it.

Shut the spark on the "HINT"!!

I like the way how the game is designed, but the spark on the hint is keep me taking attention away from the game! And there is no way to close it. I wish it can be fix. By the way, just for a remainder, that when I changed the language to Chinese, most of the words are question mark. Please check the game's language system to see is there any mistakes are done.

Never loads.

Starts with ads that you can't get rid of then takes too long to load!


Won't even start up.

Good luck trying to play this game

Downloaded it on two different occasions and never made it past the home screen. Just kept loading but game never started. Waited upwards of 10 minutes with full strength wifi and nothing. So disappointing.

Took forever to load!

Wow, crazy long wait time to load the game. I was pretty much forced to delete it since it never loaded.


Couldnt even get this to open. After 15 min of "loading", i gave up and dumped it.

Takes forever to load

Liked playing it but it takes forever to contact the server sometimes..got frustrated and just deleted it.. lots of other faster games out there.

Terrible total waste

Doesn't work at all on my iPhone 7 plus. Don't waste your time. Game will not start.

Messy kitchen clean up

This game don't even open.

Hidden Objects

I've played most of your games & really enjoy them. I have a memory problem & this is sooo helpful. Only game I've had issues with is Haunted Hospital. When I chose to get a hint & return to my game all the objects left to find are gone. Please make more. Thanks so much.


Great game


Works well on my iPad. No lives to buy, recharge, or wait on. Adds are a little annoying, but it is free.

Great game

Love it addicting, fun to play at Plays great on my i6s plus

Fun Game

Fun game


Enjoy playing. Just fun!

Find and Seek

Good eye vision needed for this fun game.

Fun, love it

Fun thank you

Hidden object messy kitchen

This game is fun, fast and not weird like a lot of hidden object games are! It is awesome!


Slow and unresponsive at times, but the graphic are great!


This game is so good.It is so easy to play. If you get stuck you can use your coins to buy a hint.This game is completely free! I recommend getting this game. Also the company has more hidden object games. All the different games have different places.

Fun and progressive

This game is fast paced, fun, and progressive!

Hidden objects messy kitchen

When you find all the objects the clock keeps going

Has some bugs

Game is slow. I can find a lot of items and it has trouble keeping up. That being said, I still enjoy playing.

Fun, Fast, and Often Unresponsive

This game is fun, easy, and fast. It would be a lot more fun if it didn't become unresponsive so often. A lot of the time the game requires multiple taps, on the same object, before it registers it was found. It is most irritating when it's a timed level.

Food Graphics 🥒🍒🍌🥝🥑

I like the colorful graphics of the game. It does work on my IPHONE 6S, but it can still use improvement on when I focus on an object and press the screen, there are times when it doesn't pick up my action. For the most part, I am enjoying the game and the background music is a good choice. I like the different screens and I think when the game has it ready, start, go, sound effects should be on that as well instead of silence.👍🏽


Doesn't work on my iPhone 6

Too soon to tell

Still looking forfreegames...not interested in purchases!

Messy Kitchen

No way to understand earning coins or how to use them. With the kitchen basically as an overhead shot, it truly makes it hard to identify objects. Not worth my time to try and hitting hint to find out what I am looking for.


Igrica je super stvarno ste se potrudili

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